WiW neighbors are invited to join the Dist 17 email newsgroup

WiW neighbors are invited to join the "Nashville District 17" newsgroup.
This newsgroup is a Google Groups public forum dedicated to news, announcements and opinions pertinent to the residents of District 17 - that includes WiW.  Similar electronic bulletin board and email services in other neighborhoods are frequently called “list-serves.”

Participants in the original Dist. 17 Neighbors Breakfast Roundtables (circa 2000-2007) repeatedly called for a system to alert them to important planning, zoning and Metro Council agenda items which they do not hear about. The posted announcements also deal with lost cats and dogs, restaurant openings, political commentary, and other information of timely value to District 17 residents.

The newsgroup was started by Pete & Bette Horton, organizers of the Dist. 17 breakfast roundtables, after consulting with the officers of the other Nashville neighborhoods. .

Google Group's automated electronic mailing lists are not without glitches and quirks, but they are intended to work this way:

* As a registered subscriber, you will be able to post messages and/or replies to messages. Thus, actual discussions and information exchanges can happen.

* You will be able to post or forward links to articles to the other subscribers of this list. The list archives could eventually become virtual archives of discussions and articles about the district.

* You can opt to receive messages individually or summarized in a digest sent no more frequently than daily. Or, you can choose to receive no messages and just review the posted messages online at your convenience.

For a preview of the Nashville District 17 newsgroup, visit http://groups.google.com/group/nashville-district-17

To join the new District 17 Newsgroup:

1. Click on: <http://groups.google.com/group/nashville-district-17>  If that doesn't work, copy the address and paste it in your browsers' address line.

2. On the Dist. 17 home page, look for the line over on the right that says "Apply for Group membership."

3. If you have a Google account, sign in. If you don't already have a Google Account, drop down below the sign-in box and click on “Create an account now.”

4. Open a Google account by entering your email address and a password. You may select a nickname if you do not want to be identified

5. Then, to join the District 17 newsgroup, Google will ask you to confidentially reveal to us your personal name and the name of your neighborhood. If you are not from Dist. 17, it will ask you why you are interested in Dist. 17. Legitimate business and political reasons are OK.

6. Then you can decide if you want to be notified by email when notices are posted: either each message as it is posted, or all the messages in a daily summary. (There will likely be many days when no messages are posted.) Or, you can choose to receive no messages and simply read them on-line when convenient. And you can easily change your options at any time

7. After you've requested to join, then Google will send the managers (the Hortons) a message saying there is a new member application pending. The Hortons said they will routinely approve all requests to "join" the subscription list in much the same way The Tennessean and The City Paper approve participating in their online commentary.

The newsgroup home page says: “We have not found a how-to-it manual for this project, so your suggestions will be most welcome. Please let us know if you would like to help manage this newsgroup and load files and pages that will be of broad public interest.”

The Hortons may be reached at 298-5017 for more information.