Emergency Numbers

WIW is located in the West Precinct. As our neighborhood is adjacent to Berry Hill, there are times when Metro may opt to send a Berry Hill police person on a call.

Emergency: 911

Non-emergency: 862-8600
- for the police patrol dispatcher.

West Precinct Contact: Sgt. Connie Tripp 862.7747; connie.tripp@nashville.gov

Drug Report Line: 244-DOPE or 782.3301 to anonymously report suspicious drug activity

Dead Animal Removal: 862.8971

Animal Control: 862.7928

Abandoned Vehicles (Public/Private Property): 862.6590 or 862.6551

Bulk Item Pickup: 862.8971

Refuse Collection: 862.8971; 862.8740

Curbside Recycling: 862.8620

Recycling Drop-Off Sites: 862.8620 (Our neighborhood receives monthly recycling service from Metro, however they do NOT take glass or bulk items.)

Chipper Service Info: 862.8641

Illegal Trash Dumping: 340.5644

Public Works: 880.2439

Convenience Center Info: 862.8620; 860.2588

Hypodermic Needles: 340.5644

Complaints for Road Repair, Drainage; Alley Maintenance: 862.8750

Public Health Dept (Lentz Building): 340.5616

Ofc. of Emergency Management/Mayor's Office: 862.8530 Contact: Amanda Sluss

Metro Beautification: 862.8418 Call to schedule neighborhood cleanups

Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods: 862.2000 Contact: Brady Banks; brady.banks@nashville.gov