Neighborhood Watch "Block Heads" (block captains)

Report suspicious activities and crimes that have already been committed to 862-8600

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator: Sean Cooley, 300-5327

Neighborhood Blockheads:

Roycroft/Ridley: Nancy Kirkland, 593.9733

Benton Ave: Pete Horton, 298-5017

Grantland Ave (2100 Block): Lisa York, 300-9523

Grantland Ave (2200 Block): Tommy Lerner, 385-3097

White Ave (2100 Block): Kathleen Foster, 297.8552

White Ave (2200 Block)VOLUNTEER NEEDED

White Ave. (2300 Block) Sean Cooley, 300-5327

Lindell Ave (Upper End): Betty Smith, 269-8638

Lindell Avenue (Lower End): Ann Burks, 298.4386