New WiW Bylaws

 Bylaws: Woodland-in-Waverly Neighborhood Association, Inc.

These are the updated Bylaws for the new century, that were adopted at  a Business Meeting at 2009 White Ave. on Tuesday, October 16th, 7 pm.

Copies can be delivered door-to-door, we think you will be impressed by the unique nature of these documents.

Article 1: Name and Character of Organization
The name of the association is Woodland-In-Waverly Neighborhood Association, Inc. It is a non-partisan, U.S. 501-C-3 charitable, non-profit, tax exempt, voluntary membership more »

Neighborhood Updates

Residents may notice the removal of a van parked on Roycroft which had not been moved in over 5 years!  MOON - the Mayors Office of Neighborhoods - responds promptly to reports of concern across Nashville neighborhoods.  Don't hesitate to contact MOON staff if you have a valid concern to report!

Demolition Expected


Please be advised that 2308 White Avenue is under a Code demolition action. The owner(s) were notified to be present for a Demolition Hearing on April 11, 2011 and failed to appear, as well as a Hearing on April 18, more »

WiW neighbors are invited to join the Dist 17 email newsgroup

WiW neighbors are invited to join the "Nashville District 17" newsgroup.
This newsgroup is a Google Groups public forum dedicated to news, announcements and opinions pertinent to the residents of District 17 - that includes WiW.  Similar electronic bulletin board and email services in other neighborhoods are frequently called “list-serves.”read more »